Be part of making Ottawa an inclusive, affordable and liveable city for all.   


The City's Official Plan, a policy framework until 2045, does not go far enough to deal effectively with the climate emergency, the homelessness emergency, equity, transportation, greenspace, walkability, intensification and food security. 


Our communities want to see the Official Plan succeed, but it can only do so with significant changes through motions passed at the Joint Meeting of Planning Committee and Rural Affairs Committee October 14 and then voted on by full Council October 27.


  • Ask your local Councillor to pass these motions to improve the Official Plan.


Who are we?

The People's Official Plan (POP) is an informal alliance focused on bringing greater urgency and ambition on climate and social justice issues to the development of Ottawa's Official Plan.


This site shares outputs of our discussions, with a view to building consensus across the city among people with a common interest in making Ottawa an inclusive, affordable and liveable city for all.


The work involves individuals and organizations listed below:

  • Alliance to End Homelessness Ottawa

  • Beechwood Market

  • Bike Ottawa

  • City for All Women Initiative (CAWI)

  • Climate Reality Leaders

  • Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability (CAFES)

  • Council on Aging

  • Ecology Ottawa

  • Energy Mix

  • Federation of Citizen’s Associations (FCA)

  • For Our Kids

  • Greenspace Alliance for Canada’s Capital

  • Healthy Transportation Coalition

  • Just Food

  • MD Moms for Healthy Recovery

  • Ottawa Eco-talent Network

  • Ottawa Renewable Energy Cooperative/CoEnergy

  • Ottawa Stewardship Council

  • Ottawa Transit Riders

  • Walkable Ottawa

  • Waste Watch Ottawa

This site is hosted by the Greenspace Alliance of Canada's Capital.