The Peoples Official Plan forOttawa's Climate Emergency


Since April, 2019 community-based organizations have come together face-to-face and online to influence the shape of Ottawa's new Official Plan and related City Council decisions. We have two common concerns. First, that the new Official Plan is not moving far enough and fast enough on the climate emergency. Second, that the City's consultation process is missing the opportunity to co-create this important public policy with people rather than for people.


Ottawa’s new Official Plan will be a policy framework for the physical development of Ottawa to 2045. It defines key targets and policies for land use and related housing and infrastructure decisions. Other strategic plans of the City of Ottawa, including the Climate Change Master Plan, the Transportation Master Plan, the Greenspace Master Plan and the Waste Management Master Plan, among others, take their lead from the Official Plan.


Dianne Saxe, the former Environment Commissioner for the Province of Ontario, has described land use decisions as Ontario's oil sands. "Our decisions on land use", she argues, "are the largest driver of our emissions and they lock us into, if they are done badly, a high fossil fuel future we are not going to be able to survive". For this reason, the policy choices about land use and supporting infrastructure in the new Official Plan are the most pressing decisions we can make at this time.  


The Peoples Official Plan for Ottawa's Climate Emergency is a task oriented alliance of neighbourhood, environmental and equity seeking groups working together to influence the shape of Ottawa's new Official Plan and related Council decisions. See list of participating organizations, below.

The Peoples Official Plan co-convenors include individuals from the following groups and organizations  (in alphabetical order)

  • Bike Ottawa

  • City for All Women Initiative

  • Climate Reality Leaders

  • Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability

  • Energy Mix

  • Ecology Ottawa

  • Extinction Rebellion Ottawa

  • Federation of Citizen’s Associations

  • Greenspace Alliance for Canada’s Capital

  • Healthy Transportation Coalition

  • Just Food

  • Ottawa Eco-talent Network

  • Ottawa Renewable Energy Cooperative/CoEnergy

  • Ottawa Stewardship Council

  • Sustainable Living Ottawa East

  • Waste Watch Ottawa


The priorities and policy actions described on this site do not necessarily represent the positions of these organizations. 

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