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The People's Official Plan forOttawa's Climate Emergency

Who are we?

We are informed, competent and organized residents participating actively in City-organized consultations, and cooperating with each other to co-develop and communicate climate-centred policy directions for the new Official Plan and related municipal policies. There are currently more than 15 different neighbourhood, environmental and social justice organizations and groups directly involved in co-developing The People’s Official Plan for Ottawa’s Climate Crisis (POP), supported by an informal working group (see partners, below). We are a task and people oriented group, not an organization per se.


We acknowledge that many residents in Ottawa are alarmed by the climate crisis, and have launched initiatives to engage citizens and focus attention on fostering climate action by governments, businesses, and the general population. The POP is part of this general movement, and tries to act in solidarity and coordination with others. We also acknowledge that Ottawa is located on the unceded traditional territory of the Anishinaabeg nation. 

What is our primary purpose?

Ottawa’s New Official Plan will be a policy framework for the physical development of Ottawa to 2045. It defines key targets and policies for land use and related housing and infrastructure decisions. Other strategic plans of the City of Ottawa are also under review or renewal, including the Climate Change Master Plan, the Transportation Master Plan, the Greenspace Master Plan and the Waste Management Master Plan, among others. Our primary purpose is to mainstream ambitious climate mitigation and adaptation measures into the Official Plan and city-building decisions at all levels. Our efforts are NOT simply an awareness raising campaign, but rather a practical step along the path to climate solutions that are also community solutions to the interrelated challenges of our time, including sustainability, social justice and democratic decision-making on matters of public policy. 

What is our strategy?

We organize face-to-face and virtual opportunities for people to seek consensus on the policies needed for a sustainable city that is also caring, creatively engaged and prosperous. This site, including the Forum, is one space to share, learn and co-develop potential actions. We bring the outcomes of these discussions to bear on City-organized consultations and draft plans, and present individually and collectively in public meetings at City Hall. We also engage neighbourhood associations in discussions of initiatives to address the climate emergency and support advocacy campaigns, such as the Ecology Ottawa campaign to “Hold the line(s) on urban sprawl”. 

The initial development of The People's Official Plan between April and December, 2019 is reflected in meeting agendas, outcomes, reports, plans and submissions to City committees archived under the policy/Ottawa City Hall thread of the Greenspace Alliance of Canada's Capital website.


The POP working group (in alphabetical order) includes individuals from:

  • Bike Ottawa

  • Climate Reality Leaders

  • Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability

  • Energy Mix

  • Ecology Ottawa

  • Extinction Rebellion Ottawa

  • Federation of Citizen’s Associations

  • Greenspace Alliance for Canada’s Capital

  • Healthy Transportation Coalition

  • Just Food

  • Ottawa Eco-talent Network

  • Ottawa Renewable Energy Cooperative/CoEnergy

  • Ottawa Stewardship Council

  • Sustainable Living Ottawa East

  • Waste Watch Ottawa


The priorities and policy actions described on this site do not necessarily represent the positions of these organizations. 

This site is hosted by the Greenspace Alliance of Canada's Capital