The People's Official Plan has brought forward motions to amend the current draft of the Official Plan for consideration at the final Joint Committee meeting on October 14, 2021. The Official Plan will direct growth and land use for the city over the next 25 years

These are basic asks that have as yet not been included in the Official Plan, reflecting input over the past 2+ years across thousands of residents who have participated in organizational and community meetings, community workshops, writing letters, speaking with City Committees, writing the technical report, etc.   

With no other avenue at this point, we present these motions and ask Mayor and Council to adopt these amendments in their final decision.   

The motions were developed by a lead working group including the Greenspace Alliance, Just Food, City for All Women Initiative, Ecology Ottawa, the Federation of Citizen's Associations, Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability, Walkable Ottawa, and individuals. 

Walkable City

Housing Equity

Fair and Inclusive

Greenspace for All

The Climate Emergency

Food Security